Best Food Dehydrator – Food Dehydrator Reviews

One of the many innovations that have proven to be very useful when it comes to preserving food is the technology of food dehydrators. This helpful tool has been recognized by experts as one of the healthiest methods to preserve food.

Because the preservation method is quite unique, it comes as a given that users can also have that much needed twist for their eats. This is why the device has gained popularity over the years.

Food Dehydrator Benefits

Aside from the unique preservation, there are also quite a number of benefits that come with using this machine. First, you can avoid the toxins and chemicals that come with commercially sold food. These are often associated with diseases and a lot of people have commented on their overall impact to one’s health. But a food dehydrator is a technology that bypasses these concerns because of its healthy method for food preservation. You can easily make your own organic dried fruits and vegetables without spending too much time or money.

Another great benefit that comes with using these appliances is its ability to help people who want to shed off those extra pounds. For snacks, they can just eat the dried fruit meats that they have prepared instead of resorting to chips and chocolates that are ridden with chemicals and preservatives. The ones that you prepare by yourself are definitely healthier and more appealing. Most of all, you can eat them without feeling very guilty. The vitamins that usually come with the fruit are easily preserved when using food dehydrators so it becomes a very great asset for anyone who wishes to lose weight and keep healthy at the same time.

On a very unconventional note, these food dehydrators are actually not just for food. A lot of people have found other uses for them, namely to dry out decorations like flowers, leaves, herbs, and even potpourris. If you want to take on that natural approach for decorating your home, then these dehydrators will be a very big help.

As you can see, these dehydrators are used for various purposes, and it can be concluded that they are definitely one of the best investments that you can get in terms of helpful kitchen appliances.

Food Dehydrator Buyer’s Guide

But despite the many benefits that this machine is boasting about, there are still so many who are not aware of it. This is the reason why it can be hard for first timers to choose the model that will be best suited for them. Most companies who are innovating with their dehydrators have already launched their own model with unique features so it can be quite hard to select the best one.

For this reason, first time and seasoned buyers should take note of the details that they want for their machine. Knowing what is useful can be very helpful in keeping investments wise. Users will be able to purchase a food dehydrator that will help preserve food efficiently, especially when it comes to one’s needs and expectations. So to simplify the process of finding the right dehydrator, let us learn more about the top 10 choices that you can buy in the market.

Most Recognized Brands Reviewed

We are featuring reviews of the most famous dehydrators here in this website. Get to know some of them and understand why they are worthy buys, both for first time and seasoned buyers.


This brand comes off as a very reliable brand when it comes to the selection of kitchen appliances. They have bacon cookers and sturdy food dehydrators that have caught the attention of buyers worldwide because of their consistent build. Models like the Presto Dehydro, the Presto 06301, and many others are already making big names in the market as top choices for dehydrators.


Because of the high quality appliances that are associated with the Excalibur brand, it has grown to become one of the most famous ones for kitchen appliances. Unlike other big names, this one mainly focuses on food dehydrators so you know that this specialization is track for reliability. There are models like the 9-Tray Stainless Steel and the Excalibur 3926TB that are included in the list of top models for dehydrators. The company was started up in 1973 and the affordable prices together with great warranties havecaught the client’s attention in a good way.


One of the older brands for kitchen appliances that have decided to expand into the innovation of food dehydrators is Nesco. Since the 1930s, this brand has caught on with the trends for food preparation and they have provided for what the demand needs. They have ovens, slicers, grinders, and other kitchen kits before they finally expanded into dehydrators. Some great models include the FD-28JX Jerky Express that specializes in meat preservation and the FD-80 Square, which is a great dehydrator in itself.

Things to Note Down Before Purchasing

Now before you make your first purchase for food dehydrators, take note that there are some considerations that you might want to look through first. Not many people are very familiar with this appliance and most of them make the mistake of buying the first one that they set their sights on. This can be regrettable because there is a very big chance that the product you buy is not good and efficient for your use. The last you want is to own an appliance that is practically useless when relating to your lifestyle and what you need. This is the reason why it is very important to look through the following details before you make your purchase:

  • The Capacity of the appliance
  • Features
  • The price of the device
  • Heat distribution

There are various types of dehydrators in the market and each one has its own merit. Some have vertical fans while others have horizontal ones, which is the reason why the heat distribution is different for each model. For those who want to make use of lower trays for dehydrating foods, especially when you are in a hurry, the best choice is the models with vertical fans. Although these fans are very helpful if you are in a rush, it would be much more stable if you first start out with dehydrators with horizontal fans so that the drying effect is more uniform. It might take longer, but your technique for food preservation is better in terms of results.

Choosing the Best Food Dehydrators

It is no secret that practicality plays a very big role in making purchases. This is especially true for others who are just beginners and are not aware of the specs and features of certain appliances like dehydrators. If you find yourself with a limited budget, you should not worry because there are selections of choices that you can still go for. From different brands, to different models, and even the features, you will surely get the pick when it comes to choosing a machine of your choice.

Keep in mind that cheaper models might not have the sophisticated features that you want, but they do provide the basic functionality that is expected from every dehydrator. Choose wisely in terms of looking for the best one that will suit your taste. Take into account the price, but remember that it is much more important to seek out useful appliances rather than inefficient ones that come cheap. Here is a list of some of the budget friendly dehydrators that you can try out, depending on what you need.

Best For the Money: Nesco


This dehydrator is a bit more considered cheap quality, but it still belongs to the best appliances out there. It is also very compact, only measuring about 13 in. x 13 in. Not only does this contribute to its portability, but it also helps with easy storage. There are various items that is included in the kit that can help improve your food preservation task like recipes, packets, and even mesh sheets.

For its structure, the good thing about this machine is the design of the trays. They are separated so you can be assured that flavors won’t mix up and create weird tastes later on. You can stack up to a maximum of 12 trays for bigger batches and adjust the temperature control from 95 degrees to 160 degrees, depending on your preference. Even if there was no timer for this device, most customers were still pleased because the fan is mounted on the top, and they were able to avoid common spills that are often associated with the food dehydration process.

Best Performance: Excalibur


This model from Excalibur brand is a very good dehydrator that helps to keep up with the trend. Whether you are someone who likes to stock food, always in a rush, or a party host who wants to serve snacks for big batches, the Excalibur 3926TB is the choice to go for in terms of healthy snacking. The temperature range control and the adjustable thermostat is just right for anyone who wants to use this device for different uses. And because it comes with a reliable timer that is set for 26 hours, you can just turn it on before going to sleep and it will still be running normally after you wake up.

With 9 trays to fill an enhanced environment for stable air flow by means of the horizontal fan, you can be assured that whatever you dry out will come out great. Evenly drying out your food will never be a problem again. The warranty lasts for 10 years so it is a great device that will have support all the time. When something malfunctions, you will have help, and this is a very big factor in determining the overall efficiency of a dehydrator.

Features of  the Best Food Dehydrator?

  • Always choose high quality material: High quality plastic makes the dehydrator durable and long lasting. Low grade plastic tends to dissolve or melt over time and the fumes emitted can be dangerous as it seeps into food.
  • Choose a dehydrator with smooth air flow and even heating: Air flow (vertical or horizontal) used to be a major concern because it affects heat and air distribution. But, I have seen improvement in recent models in terms of design and air flow. Most models today are designed to give you even heat distribution.
  • Square for more: Should you go for a round-shaped or square-shaped dehydrator? That’s the question I get asked very often. In a way, square-shaped dehydrators have a larger surface and you can dry more food at any one time. But, if you are not planning to use your unit as a meat dehydrator machine to make large batches of beef jerky, then shape doesn’t really matter.
  • Go for a suitable size: You might like to have a large dehydrator so that you can do more in one round, but other people might want to save kitchen counter space and go for a compact size dehydrator.
  • Choose a dehydrator with temperature control: Different types of food need different temperature to dry fully. The best food dehydrator has a thermostat that allows you to adjust temperature accordingly. Also, you’ve got to consider the food quantity (the larger the quantity, the higher the energy capacity you need).

The best food dehydrator should have all the qualities above. To read the full description, check out 5 Quick Tips on How to Choose the Best Food Dehydrator.

How to Use the Best Food Dehydrator Efficiently?

After you’ve bought the best food dehydrator, you’ll want to put it to good use. Here are some tips to get the most out of your food dehydrator:

  1. Use only top grade vegetables and fruits
  2. Slice food pieces thinly
  3. Arrange food evenly to let dry
  4. Allow food to cool before storing
  5. Dehydrate food with similar categories
  6. Adjust the temperature accordingly