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In today’s society, we are slowly becoming more conscious of the importance of eating healthy. With world obesity levels at an all time high, finding healthy alternatives to our favorite meals and snacks is a high priority.

There is now an increasing trend of people choosing to grow their own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and nuts.

Those who can’t grow their own are opting to shop at organic food markets.

 The problem is, fresh foods tend to spoil very quickly.

We are constantly being warned of the dangers of artificial preservatives, but what choice do you have?

 Thankfully, the at-home food dehydration industry had come a long way, making it easier than ever to eat and live a healthier life.

food dehydrator is a machine that draws out all the moisture from foods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. 

The purpose of food dehydration is to dry out the different types of food so that they stay preserved. Drying out food also stops bacteria from growing and so, prevents spoiling.

 A food dehydrator uses high temperatures combined with air flow to remove the water content from foods.

 Depending on the food that you are trying to dehydrate, temperatures between 130°F and 155°F are usually applied via a heating element.

This releases the moisutre from within the food out into the surrounding air.

 Next, a fan will usually blow the moist air out through some strategically placed air vents (however in some machines, convection technology is used instead).

 Using a food dehydrator is a safer and healthier way to store all sorts of food for long periods of time. Here is a great resource. 

So how do you know which food dehydrator is right for you?

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